What is Max Quasar: Escape from Planet Spider?

ESP is the first-ever, comical, choose-your-own-galactic-adventure, science fiction novel for adults, as far as we know. A homage to the 1980s choose-your-own-adventure books that you read to avoid doing a full book report. But we know you’re older now and only interested in reading sex and violence, and Max Quasar has plenty of both. Max Quasar: ESP will thrill, tantalize, and charm based on your own decisions and win a Peabody.

A lone space adventurer, Max Quasar, is marooned on a remote world with only his wits and a fusion-powered blaster. Navigate him through the perils of Planet Spider, a world where all humanoid men have been killed off by a heinous, and seductive, autocrat. A planet where survivors struggle to avoid the watchful eyes of MechDaddy, a deadly android with an unusual taste in clothing. A desolate celestial body with lots and lots of spiders.

Will Max Quasar woo the girl and defeat his enemies? Will he discover the secrets of Planet Spider? Will he get full-blown space AIDs?

That's up to you.

Coming soon in digital and print form.